Commercial Greenhouse Construction

+ Automated Nutrient Injection Systems 

Green Dreams is a top-of-the-line design and installation crew. They not only make sure the key pieces are in place for a successful system integration, but they also do it within the promised time frame and the proposed budget. One of the most comprehensive equipment installation crews I have ever dealt with in my 15 years in horticulture. They kick ass at what they do best - making the customer feel like they received the ultimate in value and service!
— Chris Lundgren, National Sales Manager-Hydroponics Dosatron International, Inc.
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We partner with manufacturers to design and install top-quality greenhouses from the ground up. Our scalable, versatile designs can be tailored to fit virtually any sizing functionality you need. These commercial strength structures are efficient, reliable, and professional so you can get the highest production out of your growing environment. 



We are authorized, expert installers of fertigation and irrigation systems. Our automated nutrient injection systems handle both the measurement and mixture of nutrients, as well as the delivery of those components to the organism. This automation is essential to any large-scale cultivation in order to maintain crop consistency. 


Our indoor grow rooms are self-standing structures that operate as a building within a building. These superinsulated, controlled environments are capable of creating an ideal climate for efficient growth. With complete offerings featuring room layout, table construction, control systems, lighting, HVAC, and more, we can be your true turnkey solution. 

Our In-house Experts can handle your Next greenhouse project